I dreamed
of my soul
last night
it was downy
as ducklings
and had magnificent
wings like eagles

I dreamed
of my soul
like a bird
because when
I’m with my
soul I soar
high beyond
clouds higher
still to the


It’s in this
that I saw
heaven’s lint
dew drops of light
as far and beyond

My soul was drawn
to them children
to ice-cream it
traveled to each
drawn to some
my soul was the
bird hound of the


Walking (romeo stories)

human2Close your eyes
recall a day at the
beach sunny children
playing in the sand
and you are there
running and laughing
jumping up and down
rolling on the towel
laying in the sand
like a walrus

When I close my eyes
I can imagine those things
but only imagine
I only walk with braces
and crutches
I can’t remember the
feelings of sand underfoot
or jumping or simply
I don’t recall walking
without these

With eyes open
I’ve decided to shuck
the old knee
get a new one
I will walk again
jump run

Jungle (romeo stories)

Do you remember
the jungle
humidity and daily
rains soaked us
feet sloshed like
drunks in mud
Do you remember
we were deep
in the jungle
moving slowly
machete wielding
guides hacked
through the ribbons
and ropes of leafy
Do you remember
the bridge in the
we found each other
opposites on canyon
cliffs you
on one side
I on the other
a rope bridge was
the only tie
between us rickety
damaged tired
You took the first
step, Romeo