I remember the

First time that

Your silence first

Appeared like moon

Light slivering through

Blinds it was

Conjured as your

Head lay upon

My shoulder you

In slumber as

You slept I

Could see the

Angels dancing kissing

Your forehead with

Pleasant dreams then

Knowing that even

When quiet you

Were protected by

Spirits and I

Was your pillow


And my world

Grows silent like

Dusk over the

Ocean a lapping

Tide my only

Reminder of the

Surf which once

Pounded my beach

Laying in calm

I now listen

To nothing wondering

What sounds you

Hear swords striking

Armor neighs and

Winnies of charging

Horses as you

Battle the demons

Of your day

Come back to

Me weary and

Worn and I

Will caress your

Wounds with salve

Readying you for

Your next tomorrow


There are so

Many people looking

Looking for this

And that looking

For things outside

Looking for those

People that will

Complete them completely

Always looking ahead

Looking to what’s

Next looking around

The corner or

Across the room

Looking for that

Hint that glint

Of cautious interest

Of invitation of

Hope always looking

Away from where

They find themselves

Truth be that

The joy that

They look for

Is in the

Last place that

They look it’s

Oddly found there

Right with them