I think that I’m
too different too different
than most too different
that I become impossible
I think that I’m
better off alone alone
just with me me
and my thoughts thoughts
that carry me beyond
my own impossibility to
a place of comfort
where I am and
can think too differently
differently than almost everyone
everyone except me naturally


There are some songs 
which reverberate causing goosebumps
because I think they
resonate with every cell
making them stand up
like an audience inspired
clapping and hooting whistling
and then there are
other songs that promote
thought quiet thinking thought
that washes over me
like I’m a beach
being languidly lapped teasingly
taunted to go deeper
but I think that
my favorite song of
all is the symphony
which I hear when
my head is cradled
in your arms and
chest the distant drum
of heart and the
soothing syncopation of your
heart giving you life


Where’d the men go 
Did they march off
to some war of
which I was unaware
Were they beamed up
into some alien craft
and swept far away
to some distant planet
to propagate that place
Where did they go
Being a man meant
something once and not
what so many think
What did it mean
Go ask your fathers
father and his father
and his and his
for men have been
gone for a long
time before yesterday and
even longer than today
And I’m wholly uncertain
if they’ll ever return
having been lost to
war or another place