Sometimes it doesn’t work

But it still mattered

You can’t count on

Any future for success

But success doesn’t lie

In any of your

Accomplishments it lies in

Trying and then failing

Over and over again

Trust me successful isn’t

Awarded to those who

Succeeded the successful ones

The ones hailed as

Such are those who

Were willing to try

The things you wouldn’t

OnWriting (for Muenster)

Muenster there are

Reasons and explanations

There are mechanics

And lessons to

Learn there is

Mastering the metaphor

But mostly writing

Is magic no

Different than a

Twinkling star or

The Harvest Moon

Or snowflakes or

Anything natural it’s

Sand and sandcastles

Snow and igloos

It’s one thing

That when used

Turns into something

Else to me

It’s a whisper

And to another

A simple roar


What happens to

Ghosts that lose

Their moans groans

Their scariness do

They become wind

Do they turn

Into a breeze

Or do they


Making no sound

I wonder then

What you might

Be for one

Moment you were

Here and the

Next gone without

So much as

A whispered whimper

Leave me ghost

You shall not

Have me my

Soul belongs to

The living those

Who have hearts

That beat loudly

And bleed on

Sleeves when hurt

Be gone ghost

For good now