Some just can’t stay

It’s a lesson learned

Likely as a child

For me it was

Spike a roughhousing cat

Why he had to

Go I’ll never know

And throughout my life

Others followed him to

Where I’ll never know

But as I age

I do know this

That wherever they have

Gone that I will

Too one day follow


I knew a leaf

Once a magnificent leaf

I watched him bud

And yawn and shiver

On my favorite tree

He whistled in spring

And sunned in summer

He took great pride

In keeping raindrops off

Of hiding children beneath

But then Autumn came

And he grew tired

He lost his looks

And his boyish verve

One day while walking

I heard him ask

What’s happening to me

I looked up saying

It’s time to go

But you’ll be back

In the hearts of

Those who remember you


Mortality visited me

Bringing with him

A box which

Contained my tribulations

Inside I found

My years of

Carelessness and frivolity

Snapshots of drunken

Wanton and dangerous

Behaviors gluttony and

Prideful arrogance men

Discarded as phone

Numbers and unkept

Promises to meet

I asked him

What are these

He quietly replied

These are your

Organs if they

Could talk saying

That they’re tired

Of supporting your

Evil ways Oh

So now Now

He said change

To live or

Die a fools

Death and then

He was gone