And yes once again

I had my nightmares

Of greed and power

But they weren’t mine

I simply facilitated them

By my own dis-sins

Of disinterest and disloyalty

Dishonesty and disturbance

Disprove disarm and disgrace

Distant dislike and disappoint

Aren’t we all culprits

In crimes we allow

By disavowing the disemboweling

Of our own countrymen

Stand up stand together

And always stand strong

Against those who oppress


It hit hard like

Fresh cold mountain air

Making me gasp choke

News that wracked me

Like a lynch mob

Making me retreat from

The outside in as

The dust of devastation

Settled in my heart

My mind reeled a

Deep sea lure taken

And run unable to

Pull it back in

The news whatever it

Was then numbed me

And like a criminal

I denied my culpability

It was that bad