I believe in living 
life not surviving it
People count on their
future for their happiness
so what does that
make today a dry-run
Do you expect to
practice life today so
that tomorrow when your
real life finally happens
you get it right
The only real life
is the one that
you are living today
Do something anything maybe
several things that are
crazy make some memories
Never be regretful for
a life you wasted


There was one way 
And then you discover
Another and then another
Life is both an
Amalgamation and an accumulation
Much like a snowfall
It always does start
With just one and
Pretty soon many and
Before you know it
That one becomes lots
Which gleefully leads to
Other things like snow
Days and sledding and
Shoveling and hot cocoa
And just simply watching
As snow like life
Falls and what do
You know eventually becomes
Something else entirely by
Surprise and by miracle


Most people think that 
Setting sail and traversing
The seas is their
Adventure it is not
Travel affords contemplation not
Victory it is only
When one lands that
One begins to explore
Failure and not victory
Awaits you victory arrives
Long after if you
Are incapable or worse
Unwilling to fight fears
And failure never set
Sail for before you
Is nothing but disappointment
So says the mind
But the heart knows
For the heart and
Not the mind is
Your periscope over which
It can see everything