Sometimes in my life

I stumble across a

Real one like opening

A picture book usually

Filled with pretty prince’s

All wishing for a

Happily ever after until

After doesn’t end happily

But you are different

Upon opening you popped

Up standing there amidst

The dragons sword drawn

And for the first time

I felt like maybe

Maybe some princes do

Keep their promises after

All that ever happens


I think that what’s

Important is the small

Corner of the bigger

World we all live

In such a place

That corner which disappears

Like mist above ponds

Like dreams upon waking

But to us our

Very own tiny corner

Is enough to sweep

To tidy to decorate

And to welcome others

Whose own little corners

Got swallowed up by

This our round world


I certainly miss you

But I always have

Even when you’re near

Especially when you’re far

And now even more

An adventure is merely

A journey without you

So on I will

Go knowing that one

Day either near or

Far we will pass

And nod and know

That you’re doing you

And I’m doing me

And that we did

And that we might

Do us yet again