And now finally emerging 
Like a cattail seed
From its pod the
Wind which previously shook
And now carries being
Dropped and lifted and
Almost like flying and
Then floating and landing
Rolling and tumbling and
Spinning until one catches
On something and now
That something is home
This is I think
What love is like
Nothing more and nothing
Less significant or important
Just one thing and
Then eventually something else


Trust when I say 
Bad things will befall
You but bad things
Are just like good
It really does depend
On how you look
Upon them do you
Look upon what they
Are or what not
Neither is right and
Neither is wrong how
You eventually look upon
Anything anyone and anywhere
All depends on positivity
Or the lack thereof
Life is too short
To be worried take
The high road look
On the bright side
The views are better
From way up there


When did people stop 
Being people and become
Animals I remember as
A child having both
But lately it seems
That I’ve lost one
To only the others
Where’d the people go
Maybe those with reason
Simply stopped their reasoning
After all just how
Much can one say
To a dog or
A cat or cow
Oh please bring me
Back my friends and
Leave the animals in
The barnyard in their
Muck and their filth
Left to wander aimlessly
Bring back the people
Whose eyes do understand
And whose lips speak
Not grunt growl oink


I love this life 
Of not knowing what
When who or why
Even the where isn’t
Exact it’s more gaseous
Usually experienced when young
But still always new
Even at my age
Through with the wars
I have abandoned my
Battlefields leaving behind the
Faceless and the known
And now as scars
Have healed but noticeable
Still I go anywhere
Where silence replaces guilt
That new place will
No longer scream victory
Or retreat or surrender
But something far less
Like oats whispering as
They shuffle in wind
Or willows that readjust
As the Autumn breeze
Catches each green finger
At last bringing comfort
I will find there
Knowing that the other
There is behind me
Well what do you
Know here we are