And now in

The silence of

A midnight snowfall

I see the

Boot prints leading

From door to

Car my only

Memory of you

I’ve heard this

Melody before sung

Into my ears

The songs of

Desire but yours

Was a symphony

Alone again and

At last I

Realize that you

Like so many

Others were looking

For something hoping

That I’d fit

When I didn’t

You packed up

Your instruments leaving

Me at least

A little better

Than you found

TuckedAway (to Brandon)

There is a

Box which I

Keep tucked away

Somewhere south of

My chin and

North of stomach

Where I keep

Trinkets and baubles

And of which

Few ever see

I showed you

Last night this

Treasure trove explained

Things and let

You touch delicately

You handled things

With care and

Compassion no longer

Hidden they are

Now ours to

Play with pretend

With dream with

And simply enjoy