We all arrive at
one place having once
been at another life
is not a puddle
it’s a storm a
torrent a fury picking
up pieces of this
and pieces of that
and dropping them in
different places to be
discovered anew life is
about change about growth
that is unless you
are a puddle something
to be avoided to
be splashed in and
played with something temporary
something that was one
thing and now another


Often I feel like 
a windshield just here
minding my own business
zooming along without a
care in the world
when suddenly splat something
or other crashes in
some stick others bounce
off continuing on their
way without so much
as a thought or
acknowledgment or even apology
a few things hit
hard causing knicks dings
and cracks but most
get washed away by
a spritz and wipe
no worse for wear
But oh I long
to be just a
car window lazily passively
watching things go by
like a Monarch dressed
in combat regalia sitting
atop a steed watching
as his minions are
slaughtered wondering the whole
time what’s for lunch