Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

First posted in August 2012 Shame And Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma has more of a wallop five years later than four years earlier. We as a race must get something out of persecuting the disenfranchised and marginalized friends, family's, lovers, idols, and heroes. Maybe we ought to look inside ourselves and find that kernel of fear. … Continue reading Shame and Regret: The Sting of Social Stigma

Has Been’s, Could’ve Been’s, Once Was’s, and Children

Once I assumed the role of cook a couple of years ago, I planned my menu so that every other day I’d prepare a new meal.  The only cookbook I owned was a 1960’s copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.  This cookbook was my mother’s, and if you saw it, you’d think Betty Crocker herself passed it […]

Conventional Wisdom is an Oxymoron!

The Truth of your Action often turns to shame which eventually turns to secret(s) which requires evasion and misrepresentations which causes perjury and self incrimination and arrest. The penance in 1928 for this path of omission would be swift, impudent, and ruinous to his sixteen year old daughter's moral character according to Mr. Williams, the father to Miss Williams … Continue reading Conventional Wisdom is an Oxymoron!

Dusk Darkens Days; Night Neglects Nary One

I stopped living My Miracle of Life seven months ago when incantations permitted a glimpse beneath a crust delicate as early winter's creeping ice across a pond; peering deep and deeper still to the depth's of the mind's deep sea trenches only to chance upon a ghostly image, curdled, it confirmed a tiny grid lock whose ID hid … Continue reading Dusk Darkens Days; Night Neglects Nary One


      Dark an accusation of guilt due to my deliberate and captured words, drawing emotion in any direction; or, it's been identified by those looking to capture a comet like summer's fireflies: they point with the comfort of warm blankets, that now is a period without an ending; it's a nod or a wink or … Continue reading Dark

A Recent Visit With An Old Journal (July-September, 2008)

I do know how it happened, this convergence of the perfect storm, but the why I set it in motion is still a mystery to me. My feelings of absolute worthlessness have been building for years; starting much like the birth of a tsunami deep in some crevice in the ocean, a shifting of my … Continue reading A Recent Visit With An Old Journal (July-September, 2008)

Simple Square Box and Coasters

I'm pleased to share my latest woodworking project, aptly named Simple Square Box and Coasters.  The commission originally asked for a simple slap-together wooden box in which he could place a necklace he purchased for his niece as a Christmas present.  So the slap-together wooden box would be tossed into the same heap of recently … Continue reading Simple Square Box and Coasters