Love knows no age

Nor does it know

Time it doesn’t recognize

Distance nor does it

Ever really make rhyme

It’s never ever easy

And it’s always surprising

Love is like air

After drowning it’s like

Water after running it’s

Like fire after freezing

Love is a blanket

That someone covers you

With while you’re napping

Love is so many

Things that if we

Just stopped to think

For a moment we’d

Realize that yes we’ve

Been in love so

Many many times before

Starting with our mom


Change is coming

I hear it

In the wind

It’s a far

Off voice calling

Come this way

Or if not

I will come

There to you

Change is coming

I see it

On the horizon

First as clouds

Then as mountains

Stretching higher higher

And dropping sheets

And sheets of

Rain blackening landscape

And then disappearing

Change is coming

Change always comes

It always comes

It always comes