Dog Days of Summer

The eastern sky was more black than blue by the time I took Jenni for her last walk of the day.  There happened to be just enough wind to cause unzipped jackets to billow and flap like fitted sheets pinned to clothes lines.  As our days shorten I switch on the flashing red bicycle light which I’ve affixed to her collar alerting motorists and pedestrians alike that a very purposeful Wheaton Terrier was strutting like Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” so make way!  I too, had a beacon; an LED flashlight was tethered to my cane, its purpose was purely selfish.  It bathed the path with a subtle pale blue glow providing me with some degree of vision when we passed beneath the thick canopies of mature trees which flank both sides of the road.

It’s very generous of Jenni, allowing me to tag along on her thrice daily adventures!  Apparently she discovers artifacts and remnants left behind by ancestors perhaps, or, most likely the Dabner’s dachshund’s deliberate defection of its defecation which made me wonder if there’s a big difference between what dog’s leave behind and what smoker’s leave behind.

Overall the evening’s constitutional was deemed a success!  Jenni met a few new behinds to the neighborhood.  I met their owners and we made small-talk while our pets introduced themselves.  When my mood is heavy the mere chime of Jenni’s dog tags are like herald trumpets announcing a great adventure is about to begin.  When I see her so happy about a walk, it’s actually infectious, and I too suddenly become part of her circumnavigation of our block just like Magellan.

Some people think dogs smile.  I think dogs live their lives anew each day.  I’d smile if every new day was, in fact, a new day.

Wouldn’t you? 

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. When we talked about getting lost in what we are doing does this go against “new day” (picky, picky). Great picture of Jeni (thought there was an ‘e’ at the end). I love trumpets heralding. Yes, my cats jingle their tags and it is reverse Pavlov to feed them.

    I’m glad to see your LED light. I am all for safety.

    Talk soon. Enjoyed being with you even though I’m at 25-30%.



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