Posting Sans "Going Postal"

Dear Meta:

Just a brief post via email sending my sincerest appreciation for your recent comment on my blog re: the feature story about me and my living with bipolar II disorder showing up in the on-line version of the Melbourne (Australia) newspaper! Since it’s been two weeks since its initial publishing in the Sunday Chicago Tribune (September 8, 2012), I can only surmise that the story made its way to Australia by way of Cape Hope, South Africa aboard a determined, yet slow freighter bound for New Zealand. Odd, how the most notorious scandals spread across the internet like licentious brush fires, but a story about mental illness, its anonymity, and far-reach takes weeks to reach across the globe.

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2 thoughts on “Posting Sans "Going Postal"

  1. It is encouraging when the internet is powerful tool for learning. I hope there will be a breakthrough with persons with bariatric surgery to have a better life with greater absorption of the medication. Let us know if things change for you.


  2. It is typical that a story about something important has to wait patiently in the queue for a lull in the scandals and dramas of ‘important’ celebrities!

    I was so glad that I saw it and could share it back with you 🙂


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