You and your Self

How do you step into the unknown in order to better yourself? Why can’t you free yourself from the subjugation of bad relationships or jobs or family? What would it take to be the person you’re meant to be and to follow the path ordained by your Creator? To fall in love and be in love with others unconditionally?

You can either pull to the side of the road during a blizzard, keep the engine running, and wait until the blizzard stops. Or you can stay your course even though you’re frightened by the hypnotic dancing of snowflakes swirling about your car, yet peaceful in the knowledge that you will eventually arrive home.

Is driving in a blizzard comfortable? No. But isn’t it better to step into the invisibility of your future than to pull to the side of the road of complacency?

Blessed are those that risk their lives to step forward into the future, for they will turn back to others left behind and beckon them forward.

Leaders spend the better part of their lives alone because they have been freed from the pack and illuminate an otherwise darkened future.

Which one will you promise your self to be?