Loving Men-Word

A gentleman can change his mind, yet keep his word. 

A server here in Charlotte snap chatted a receipt, with a generous tip I left for her.

It was an invasion of my privacy. Charlotte is a tiny town trying to be a big city.

Two days later, I had that server’s head on a spit. She had been fired.

And then I received a text explaining why she did it. And I bought her job back.

The GM and I shook hands and he promised me she would NOT be fired.

Ive tried to explain the difference between powere and influence. I have no power in life; I do, however, have influence. I’ve always had a subtle, quiet influence. And please, this is not my ego speaking, but my purpose.

We all purposes. One of my purposes is to relieve the suffering of others. It is not to cause suffering.

My ego asked for her head on a spit. My purpose returned it to her.

Not because I’m a good guy.

Oh no, but because I’m anything but a good guy.

My purpose? Everyone comes first.