Loving Men-Ease

Loving anyone ever, is never easy.

I’ve met and dated a handful of men over the past four months. You know the names: Luciano, Gregoire, Marc, Ross Ross, D. and Pup.

Not one has been easy. Not a single one. Nope. Not one.

I, of course, think I’m easy to date. I have a level head, carry myself well, I’m groomed.

What I don’t understand is the drama. “Drama” in the gay lexicon is known as “a whole lot of head games.”

Why do we approach a loving relationship as though we were playing chess. Why are those we love our adversaries? Why must there be a winner and a loser?

I’d rather sit in a sandbox with a lover and pretend we’re bulldozers, or live in the castles we make, or bury our bodies neck deep.

Love is play. Love is not a battlefield.