Loving Men-D. (Part Deux)

In love honesty is everything.

D.’s mother once told him, “fall in love with your best friend.”

Hopefully, at the end of this week I’ll get the chance to meet this woman with sage advice.

D. and I are friends. Very good friends. We talk about everything: Everything!

We talk about hunger, the world, goofy things, nonsensical things; we moan while dining at restaurants and never, ever do we stiff servers no matter how deplorable the meal.

We talk, very candidly, about male sex: top, bottom, versatile, dom top, power bottom.

“Why,” D. asked today while walking with me to my cigar spot, “Does your Grindr account list you as a top?”

”Because I’m a Daddy,” I replied.

“But you’re not a top,” he said.

“I’m not with you,” I said. “Besides, why are even discussing this on a busy sidewalk in Charlotte?”

”Because we’re friends,” D. responded quietly.