Gay Dating is Hard

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The first same sex marriage can officially take place on the 9th of January which means the #HusbandHunt is officially on. One problem though Dating is Hard Y’all. You’ve read some of my hilarious dating fails, but here’s the thing.

I’ve Never had a boyfriend


I know right, its shocking. With a nasty sarcastic streak and trouble letting people in who would have thought it? Do I stink of desperation… probably. I do tend to jump in way too quickly and get emotionally vested before it’s warranted. I spent a very long time while I was in the closet convincing myself that I could never have a boyfriend and I had to get comfortable with that idea. Now that that’s changed and having a boyfriend is totally an option, I didn’t realise how important a romantic relationship is to me.

When people ask I joke and say ‘Oh no…

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