When I’m told that

I can’t I can

When I’m told that

I shouldn’t I shall

When I’m told that

I won’t I will

I have that fire

That burns in my

Soul I know that

What I say can

Shall and will be

Sometimes soon sometimes later

But it eventually becomes

I’m not one whose

Wishes don’t come true

With that comes responsibility

As the genie once

Said to the prince


Oh I wish that

I could but no

That like so many

Other things won’t be

They all were once

Then and back there

But here and now

Things are definitely different

So goes ones life

No more permanent as

The sand which skitters

And blows stopping here

For a while creating

Dunes upon which to

Climb and declare owned

That is until tomorrow

When time’s wind’s flatten

It into a beach


When the world

In which you

Live turns cold

You turn inwards

When kindness caring

And compassion hardens

You remain soft

And warm and

Woolly I know

I lived there

In a place

Of concrete steel

And plastic concern

Was by edict

But now once

Again living in

A world of

Love and affection

I still do

Shudder at touch

My heart remained

Free and only

My mind and

Body were caged

Give me time

Please to shake

Out my wings

I will fly

Yet once again