My best memory

Of Thanksgiving Day

Was so long

Ago and so

Simple that I’m

Surprised I remember

My mother sent

Me to the

Store to buy

Milk swaddled in

Heavy coat and

Cap I crossed

The playground and

Heard laughter and

Saw families gathering

Like swarms of

Bumblebees hugging golden

Sunflowers and then

As if by

Magic heaven itself

Shed its manna

And the lightest

Of snow began

To fall and

This is what

Thanksgiving means to

Me Happy Thanksgiving

BecauseTheyAre (to Buster and Chamomile)

Why is it

That when I

Have dreams about

My long gone

Pets I wake

Up with the

Same heavy dull

Heartbreak of loss

And welling tears

As if I’ve

Rediscovered the death

Of my dearest

Dearest loved ones

Because they are

At my age

Nightmares are often

About the death

Of lost love

Creating an ache

I cannot shake

Frightened to sleep

And remember again