Being anything with yourself 
is harder than being
anything with anyone else
Let’s start with forgiveness
forgiving others is easy
we all do it
all of the time
But when was the
last time that you
forgave yourself or let’s
try selfishness we all
have been selfish with
others but when was
the last time you
allowed yourself to be
selfish with you being
almost anything with yourself
is in fact the
cornerstone of your happiness
No not your happiness
with others but only
your happiness with yourself


Where’d the men go 
Did they march off
to some war of
which I was unaware
Were they beamed up
into some alien craft
and swept far away
to some distant planet
to propagate that place
Where did they go
Being a man meant
something once and not
what so many think
What did it mean
Go ask your fathers
father and his father
and his and his
for men have been
gone for a long
time before yesterday and
even longer than today
And I’m wholly uncertain
if they’ll ever return
having been lost to
war or another place


With coffee on board 
and dressed in jammies
I settle down to
watch the kaleidoscope morning
sky spin and twirl
with the same unabashed
excitement as schoolgirl
ballet performers unashamedly free
if I listen closely
enough I can hear
giggles of glee as
the clouds open to
sunlight like those same
children’s smiles upon hearing
the applause from parents
and siblings and friends
Oh that coffee’s hot
What a marvelous morning