Adderall, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Clonazepam and Flexeril

Drawer of Hope
I should be dead.

No kidding, I should be dead.

For six years I consumed a lethal cocktail muddled together on a daily basis. My starters included: my all-star pitcher, the stimulant dextro-amphetamine aka Adderall; my opioid triple play Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, and Fentanyl; at clean-up, slugger benzodiazepine aka Clonazepam; and my DH, cyclobenzaprine aka Flexeril.

it wasn’t that I was just taking them. I was prescribed copious amounts. Mind-boggling quantities! And not by back-alley abortionists. But by my normal western medicine choo-choo train that could: PCP to PharmaD. to me. The following quantities are accurate. All these drugs listed were prescribed by doctors. I never sought out street drugs!

And I’ve stopped taking all of them. No more. None. Ever again; ever!

These drugs have ripped my life open like the snarling, snapping, biting dogand bloody teeth of street dogs fighting over a bloodied, yowling cat. At first, they were all seductive, like a harem of pretty pink and yellow and blue and round and oblong and square pills. But as the foot march drew me farther and farther and farther afield, I lost all semblance of objectivity.

So here we go:

  • DRUG                 DAILY DOSAGE                  MONTHLY DOSAGE
               300 mg.                                9,000 mg.
    150 mg.                                1,800 mg.
    Fentanyl            200  mcg/hr                           6,000 mcg/hr
    Hydrocone       150 mg.                                 1,800 mg.
    Clonazepam     3 mg.                                          90 mg.
    30 mg.                                       900 mg. 
  • So in six years here’s what I consumed:
    Adderall            540,000 mg.
    Oxycodone         10,800 mg
    Fentanyl               1,200 mcg/hr
    Hydrodone             900 mg.
    Clonazepam            540 mg.
    Flexiril                  5,400 mgs.

To give you an idea of how much 540,000 mg. of Adderall is in pounds, it’s 1.2 pounds!

See, I should be dead.