On Saturday I’m Going To Be Homeless

I knew it was coming, this day.

Like those on this side of the canyon watching the night sky grow from a dark, almostforestfire imperceptible henna to tangerine to apricot. They knew it was coming, this night.

Tonight at long last I’ve long lost everything I once valued: love and lovers; mind and mindfulness; mother and brother.

abyssTonight I’m staring right into an abyss whose depth is wholly uncertain.

And yet I’m surprisingly happy. I awoke this morning like Scrooge, happy and laughing and realizing that my life has turned the corner.

Here is what I discovered: My whole life has been dedicated to making others happy. In a generous way.

But here’s the one piece I never understood until today: If I can do everything I can to help those around me be happy, I’ll be surrounded by happy people and what a happy life I’ll have.happyboy