Loving Men-Popularity

Fame is assigned.

I am am not famous. I am popular. I’m popular because I work at being popular. I work social media cultivating friends. I work dating sites cultivating lovers. I work clubs cultivating conversations.

Humility is a Grace I’ve been blessed to receive. I practice humility on a daily basis. I sit outside of my hotel enjoying cigars and meet a swath of humanity. People sit down and talk with me. I’m so moved and inspired by the intimate stories they share.

Human nature begs us to listen. So many people simply want to express themselves to others, but others are simply too busy with their own stories.

What if we gave our undivided attention to someone, anyone, that crossed our paths haphazardly for just a few minutes? What would our world look like if our attention would be on others and not on ourselves?

Our world would transform itself into a caring place. Not only for humanity, but for the earth itself. Genuine humanity thrives when we listen.

Please, please listen to someone today. I promise that your life will be more fulfilled than it ever could be if you simply listen to yourself.

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