Loving Men-Stood Up (II)

If you never step up to the plate and swing the bat, you’ll never hit a home run.

I’m sitting in The Capital Grille, one of the best restaurants in Charlotte. I have a secluded table, tucked away in the corner. It’s a “two-top” except tonight I’m a one-top.

I really enjoyed my dinner here last night. I’m v-e-r-y particular when it comes to sitting down: No menu, no selections; a bourbon on the rocks with a San Pelligrino straight, no fruit. Bring me the Chef’s choice for dinner: 3 courses, no dessert. Discuss my wine pairings with the Sommelier; bring it all on!

And boom!

Stood up!

My driver will pick you up; I don’t need your address; Imed is above repute!

What the fuck?

I’m learning that in a little town like Charlotte, word spreads quickly. I’m infamous. I guess by my own volition. I made gifts. Helped a server realize a life long dream to study organic farming in Hawaii; tickled a server with a big tip.

But I’m humbled to be in their presence. I’m humbled to help them with their dreams; I’m humbled to have them serve me.

Here’s what I’m dining on tonight: Scallop Crudo with Clementine Tajine & Black Currant Pearls; Antipasto with Handmade Burrata, Assorted vegetables, & charred lemon citronette; Buttered poached lobster tails with black truffle chive agnolotti, shaffron sherry nage & tarragon roasted leak emulsion.

With or without a date, this will be a phenomenal meal!