Loving Men-Del Frisco’s

Food is love.

The best part of dining alone, is that you get to make love with the food.

Tonight im dining at Del Frisco’s, one of the top restaurants in Charlotte. I have a private booth. They manage the dining room staff like I’d manage a household staff.

Im starting with a delicious Carpaccio Salad. I’d read about online, and even discussed it with my Driver.

“That sounds yummy,” I said.

“It does, indeed, sir,” Imed replied.

I love a dish that begs a diner to dig in. This salad begged me to take hold of a fork and knife, and dig in. It’s very visceral.

This salad is served with exquisitely toasted croutons on which you pile the salad!

Excellent first course and perfectly proportioned.

The salad had Arugula and capers, so the finish was elegant, with just the right degree of kickback. Excellent!

My second course was a traditional house salad, a cleanser of sorts. The Chef placed the Green Goddess dressing at the bottom (unusual, but unique), and layed two strips of well-done bacon atop. When I started to dig in salad went flying: I would’ve preferred a heavier knife to help cut through the bacon. The sommelier paired the salad with a ballsy Wicked Weed bitter beer. Great choice!

I really like the bacon. While crisp, it stands up to my choppers! It keeps reminding me that this salad is part of a night o passion, and shouldn’t be dismissed as a filler.

A salad course is a point in the meal that your stomach rests, and your pallete relaxes; a bit like taking a pause to slow down passion.

The Sommelier brought a crisp, semi-sweet white wine to pair with