Loving Men-Sir

Yesterday was a phenomenal day.

My Driver took me to the mountains of North Carolina, 2 hours north of Charlotte. It was stunning.

Upon our return to the estate we shared a Cabernet with the owner. I told him of my career as a majordomo for affluent families as well as Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, the oldest and notable architecture firm.

I explained to the owner that the estate is a jewel in the rough; that perhaps it could be a restaurant, or a posh, intimate hotel like you’d find in the city centre’s in Europe.

But what brought a twinkle to his eye and a crooked grin was when I suggested that it become an “artist’s residence; staffed by volunteers, the residence would house artists for two-month retreats, allowing them to write or paint or sculpt. And at the end of their “residency” the families of Charlotte could be invited to a “show”. There’s not another in this entire region.

“Hm,” he said.

Hm, indeed.