Loving Men-Vincent (Affection)

Affection between two men is a form of physical intimacy.

Vincent and I drove through McFaddenville, NC to view the towns Christmas lights.

In 1956 when the town mill was operational, the owner of the mill decided to pay the December electric bill for all townspeople if they decorated their homes with lights. When the mill closed, the city continued with the tradition, assuring a wonderful Christmas light display!

We traveled there last night. Vincent and I were seated in the back. The moment he climbed in, he leaned over and kissed me. In past relationships I was usually the instigator of affection. Vincent has now assumed that role.

Practically the entire drive we pancaked hands, occasionally slipping into a waffle. And at some point, I leaned over and placed my head in his lap. Then another round of affection began: Vincent began to play with my hair and rub my back silently.

Affection is intimacy. Especially between men like Vincent and I.