Loving Men-Vincent (Pond)

On most date nights, Vincent and I return to the estate where I’m staying, and sit in front of the fire pit which overlooks an enormous, koi filled, pond.

Leggy and graceful, dusty Blue Egrets often haunt the pond in the cold winter months. They’re all too aware of the inhabitants: koi, turtles, and, lily pads. For an Egret, the pond is a smorgasbord.

Heidi, the head gardener, doesn’t shoo the Egrets away. She heralds their presence. She said one day, “It’s part of Life’s equation: Koi give Life to Egrets. As humans we shouldn’t impose our morality on nature.”

Vincent and I have spent many nights huddling in front of the fire and alongside the pond. In the fire we find heat; in the pond we find Life and beauty.

The pond is our little piece of heaven.