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“Humphrey Tales” has become the cat’s pajamas in the blogosphere.  Especially in the 11-17 year old female demographic.  Of which I am very happy.

But my initial reaction was, “Uh-oh, what’s this going to do to my blog?”   What about those other subjects of my posts?  Mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, homosexuality, politics, pedophilia, physically and mentally abusive childhoods?  Sure, most kids nowadays have developed a fairly broad view of their world (thanks in part, to the content found on the internet).  Unfortunately, kids these days face a degree of reality I personally never encountered until college, and even at that age, there were topics I found troubling and behaviors I never understood.  So how might a thirteen-year old girl react when she finishes reading a post about Humphrey conquering a bear rug, then clicks on a post entitled, “My Moral Corruption,” or “And Yet She Cried the Day He Died,” or “Back Then, Ignorance Was De Rigueur?”

“To thine own self be true. . .” isn’t license to write and post anything on the internet without a certain degree of social decorum. civility, and ethical responsibility to your potential audience without due warning.  Writing offensively and then posting it on a publicly available blog site isn’t poetic license, it’s the shameless abuse of liberty and scribbled diarrhea at its most contemptible.  A writer who’s writing in the public arena bears his or her own fundamental responsibility of proscription: Will this post make a difference to anyone but me?  Anyone who thinks proscription doesn’t apply to them isn’t a writer, they’re a propagandist!

And on that note, I am very happy to announce that Humphrey now has his very own blog:  There you’ll find the past and future adventures of Humphrey and all his friends.  I hope you’ll take a peak!

And to the “Humphrey-Following-11-17-year-old-female-demographic:”  this blog’s got nothing to offer you; take your time growing up; redirect your browser to


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