The Arctic Tern, American Goldfinch, and Me

There are, I kid you not, men and women with baccalaureate degrees that honestly (and dutifully, I suppose) believe that the annual breeding migration of approximately 1,900 bird species flying thousands of miles is, in a very broad sense, similar to the annual exodus tackled by proud alumni who drive 347 miles to celebrate homecoming.  Go Anteaters (University of Irvine)!

I too, have gone full circle:  Today I celebrated my birthday in the most appropriate location:  A hospital!  Not the exact hospital of my birth, but a medical institution nonetheless.  And much to my surprise upon returning to my room after another test, was this small, charming cake to congratulate me.  (They talked to God herself to get that cake on this floor).  Go Nurses (Northwestern Memorial Hospital)!


14 thoughts on “The Arctic Tern, American Goldfinch, and Me

  1. TM, Happy double nickel. Some of their food comes from the corner bakery. I am glad you are in capable hands. Let me know about tomorrow. Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite. SB


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