I was presented with 
an incomprehensible truth a
truth that at first
I tried to negotiate
a truth that I
tried to entertain a
truth that I finally
had to accept a
truth that I wasn’t
anything better than what
I was at that
very specific moment and
in that very specific
place That what I’d
accepted as previous truth
was in fact a
bottomless bucket appearing to
hold water for it
looked like a bucket
when it was really
the semblance of one
What I learned in
Charlotte was that whatever
I thought I was
I wasn’t I was
a representation of a
thing and that who
I truly was couldn’t
be seen by others
until I could be
seen first by myself
Charlotte caused me to
travel deep inside to
explore the nooks and
crannies the divots and
traps until finally I
met myself and who
am I really I
am Will and Faith
two very old friends
of whom I missed
and glad were back