The Classic Revival Chandelier

We adopted a Classical Revival opaque-glass inverted dome chandelier suspended by “faux aged-brass chains” through which were woven obvious electrical wire then disappeared into a polished brass top which was surrounded by a poorly reproduced Victorian 36″ plastic ceiling medallion.

During some interior remodeling we decided our electricians would center a light fixture (yet to be determined) over the dining room table.  I decided that the “Old Girl” (the opaque-glass inverted dome) deserved a shot at redemption thus finding a permanent location in our home.

The following photographs show the restored Classic Revival opaque-glass inverted dome and rod chandelier proudly hanging above our dining room table.   The restoration included (3) new keyless sockets inside the bowl, new brown 16 gauge wire threaded through (2) 17″ lengths of copper pipe (per socket) and into rings attached to the breaker. The breaker and knob were cleaned and refinished in a muted, antique copper finish.  

I refused to reinstall the plastic ceiling medallion and instead hand made a canopy built entirely from century old oak moulding rescued from an Edgewater (Chicago) mansion before its demolition.  I wanted the canopy to step down and inward toward the breaker.  I chose an octagonal shape.  In all, there are (32) pieces of moulding and each joint is mitered at a 22.5 degree angle.

I’m a true believer in the rescue and restoration of objects once-treasured-then-discounted-by-cheap-materials.  I try to repurpose materials; it’s our duty to the environment to give all objects “a second chance.”

I think the chandelier has reclaimed its mojo.

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