Loving Men-Trust (Artem Stories)

When does Trust arrive in a relationship? And, more importantly, does it exit? What gaytrustcauses Trust to appear? Any yet, what causes it to flee like a flock of frightened pigeons? Is Trust a declaration or a given? I believe that a significant particle of the love equation is Trust.

When I told Artem a couple of weeks ago that I’d fallen madly, deeply in love with him, I’d also professed another less obvious emotion: Trust. Trust’s synonyms include: confidence, assurance, expectation, faith, hope, and certainty. When Igaaytrust talk of trust, I’m not talking about an implied emotion. I’m talking about a fundamental tenet of a relationship. Any partnership, whether it be professional or emotional, is based on many things including a commitment toward a common goal. In this case that common goal is trust.

Trust, when we’re talking about emotions usually has something to do with fidelity. But trustabout the more evidential items? Like property or money. I’ve always wondered why American’s as a society, seem to place a higher value on the evidential items like property and money when discussing trust in a relationship, but seem to turn a blind eye towards trust when it comes to affairs of the heart. Are American’s cold-hearted? Not all of them, and certainly not me.

I trust my Artem implicitly. On both fronts: Heart and Hard Evidence. In our relationship it is impossible to say to one another that we’re in love without Trust. Put another way, once in a swimming pool he asked me to dive in from the high diving board.

“But,” I stammered, “I can’t swim!”

“That’s okay,” he said in his Ukrainian lilt, “I can, and Trust me, I will save you Harlan.”

And he has. So many, many, many times.