Loving Men-Gush

Dear readers, please let me gush about David.

He’s 6’3″, 220 lbs; broad shoulders like a century old oak; a waist which shows his love of food; powerful thighs of a dancer; buttocks that you can hold or caress.

David’s smile is beguiling; his eyes dance and dart; his hands are calm and cool in mine.

He knows he’s in charge of our relationship. Which makes me swoon.

The past two nights I’ve dined in the restaurant where he works as a server. On each night I’ve asked him to select my meals including the wine. He knows me so well: knows that I start with an IPA; followed by white and/or red wines; and I finish with a port.

He purposefully works with the chef to present me with smaller portions. We both see dining as a very sensual affair; very tactile; warm and crunchy and smooth and liquid. When we dine together it’s as though we’re making love.

I love David. I wanted you to know that.

Sweet dreams, David.