Loving Men-Food

Everything you put in your mouth is taboo.

I love four things: men, food, drink, and cigars. And the men in my life love the same. I’ve discovered very recently that loving, eating, drinking, and smoking are extremely sensual.

Everything I put in my mouth are synonymous with all the others. Food and drink and cigars and men are not naturally found in my mouth. Obviously, right? But we forget how sensitive our pallet is: it knows lust, it knows crunch, and it knows smooth.

I have a standing table reservation at one of THE best restaurants in Charlotte. 5 Church is located at the corner of 5th Street and Church Street in Uptown, an intimate neighborhood smack dab at the center of Charlotte. There’s a real pulse there; a lot of eye candy; handsome men and elegant women stroll the sidewalks at all hours. It reminds me of Paris.

Last night David arranged a tasting menu for me. He’s a fantastic server. He’s already memorized my wants: a Riesling to start paired with a San Pelligrino straight, with no fruit that I use to cleanse my pallet. From there, however, I’m in his hands. And that’s the nature of our relationship. I give him the keys. He seduces me with the first course, teases me with second, takes me with the entree, and whispers to me after with a scotch.

Last night however, I was awe-struck. My first course were crab cakes with remoulade: tobasco, fluid gel, and marinated tomatoes, and deftly paired with a sweet Riesling. My second course were perfectly prepared sea scallops: apple root purée, walnut spaetzle, compressed apples, and sage gastrica. He kept the Riesling. So I began to think I’d be enjoying a seafood meal. Ah, but no. David sent out a throaty Malbec to pair with a pan roasted Deckle steak which was balanced atop smoked Yukon purée, carmelized brussel sprouts and mushrooms, and a curry bernaise.

Dining with someone is always a pleasure, but dining alone is an expression. I approach my meal like I do a lover. I study each course slowly, taking the time to strategize my attack, then take up my tools and dive in.

When I dine with David it’s as though we are picnicking in bed. He loves watching me eat, and I love feasting on him. Even across the table.