Loving Men-Booted

In life, people treat you like shit no matter how much money you have.

While I’ve been in Charlotte I’ve been dumped, stood up, and thrown out of two hotels.

Yesterday, I was thrown out of the Ivey’s Hotel here in Charlotte. Not for debauchery (which would’ve made great fodder for a post) but because they’d sold my room from under me.

And they call themselves a five star property! Don’t they understand that they’re in the hospitality industry? Or, how about accommodations?

I was forced to abandon my room, allow housekeepers to pack my bags (which they forgot to include two boxes of rare cigars), while I sat in the rain and waited. I demanded that they find me a private, luxury property in Charlotte, and hire a car to take me there.

I was incensed that it ruined my dinner with David.

I learned a very valuable lesson about life: we’re all guilty of mistreating others, not because of how much or how little money they have.

But because we can.

So, what did you think?

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