And one day while 
a giraffe was crossing
a bridge he heard
a squeak looking waaaaay
down at his hoof
certain that he’d stepped
on something he saw
a gray field mouse
cowering in the corner
Why are you crying
small one he asked
Be be because *squeak*
I’m alone And why
are you alone mouse
Because I wandered far
How far is far
asked the giraffe Faaaaaaar
*squeak squeak* Here mouse
climb up my legs
and onto my back
for your faaaaaar is
much nearer for me
than it ever will
be for you just
tell me to stop
And after one prance
and one skip and
one canter the gray
field mouse was home
Sometimes in our lives
what seems so far
away to us is
so very very near
to others never be
afraid to *squeak* when
you see a giraffe