There is a point 
during oppression when the
brain flips this switch
occurs only in survivors
and never in those
who relinquish their autonomy
to their now accepted
newly elected brutal tyrants
The mind shatters sending
shards of itself to
the far reaches of
the universe in an
attempt to find a
hospitable home a place
where it can rest
When my mind flipped
it turned to the
planet of Humor orbiting
a far off star
called Incomprehensible and I
allowed myself the luxury
of a tidbit of
insanity because I knew
that the reality in
which I found myself
was so far beyond
So I dipped my
toe into the detachment
pool then slowly began
to wade having tied
a rope about myself
mooring me to sanity
from which I could
follow to pull myself
free once this torment
was over like a
bad psychedelic trip down
Alice’s own rabbit hole
I can only now
recall this dark adventure
having finally at last
climbed my highest peak
free from the clouds
and now feeling sun