Mastering Mirroring








I’d spent the better part of twenty-five years manufacturing a character whose aspiration was to stand with notable leaders in architecture, medicine, law, insurance, and private equity.  Standing with in the parlance of my vocation meant eighteen inches on the diagonal of the left shoulder; within ear shot; close at hand; keenly aware and anticipating; a shadow whose purpose was to occupy an easement of personal space notable world leaders create, and which could not be trespassed.  If one stumbled into this area their redirection was immediate; hands attached to dark sleeves brusquely appeared and the interloper was discreetly absorbed by a well-tailored thicket of broad-shouldered Loro Piana suits; I, being the breakwater, homogenized the incident, and if the charge took notice, my steadfast demeanor quickly quelled any concern.  We are everywhere and paradoxically invisible: Certainly the glare of notoriety disquieted onlookers, but we’re there, eighteen inches on the diagonal, hidden by the mastery of the discipline of mirroring which is the greatest degree of self-compromise.

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  1. This is so thoughtful, intense, and wonderful. I am so happy that you have been able to get through all of this!


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