Haven’t Been Hungry Since June, 2008


Adam and Eve’s fable is familiar to most of us and has been used as a biblical example of the shame and eviction caused by education; biblical authors thinly veil Adam’s ignorance as innocence and ascribe Eve’s intelligence (expressed as reasoning) as a short walk to damnation by way of mollifying hunger; and her biblical hunger was tempered by a piece of fruit introduced, hyped, and conveniently supplied by a recently recruited initiate of indulgence, the serpent, heretofore apprentice to trade.

But biblical may also mean metaphorical.  Speaking in simile, Eve’s indecision was fueled by desire, the fundamental hunger for intimacy, the idea of impeaching one’s character as barter for reckless surrender, the suppression of caution and judgement, the erosion of denial.

The day following my catastrophic  breakdown I awoke to loss: hunger, that fundamental need for physical intimacy had disappeared.  The recognition of sexuality continued, but that deep bass rhythm which is inaudible yet present was missing, leaving me unbalanced and out-of-tune.

Who manufactured the hunger in Eden?  Even temptation can’t seduce the sated.  Poor Eve, someone injected her with hunger followed by intelligence in order to frame her for the loss of innocence, adopted embarrassment of the naked body and subsequent banishment from paradise.  If the serpent had slithered up to Adam it would be a very different world indeed.