Loving Man-Humanity

I am not perfect.

I am Human.

The course of my life was prophesied by the mother-in-law of my dearest childhood humanityfriend some forty years ago. Everything she had predicted has occurred in stark reality. But it was a plan. A master plan. For details, I sought out other spiritualists, psychics, tarot readers, and astrologers. I currently employ these tremendously gifted men and women across our tiny globe. They reside in England, France, and America. And the oddest part of their valued insight all pointed at one thing: Spiritual Transformation.

What is Spiritual Transformation? Try Googling it. What you’ll discover is that it’s a phenomenon that is, in a word, Heavenly. But it is not for the faint of heart. It is a very, very long process which spans the millennia. It is nothing to attain. No matter how much one can wish for it, it, this transformation, is a gift of the Higher Self.

Every Human on earth has a Higher Self. This Higher Self is the entity to which you pray. Some may call it God, others may call it conscience. But the identifier is the least human2important. It is, above all else, you. You as part of the Great Divine.

When I meditated I often had conversations with my Higher Self. I heard answers. I heard insights. I could answer peoples questions about their worldly lives. I helped people that sought my insight to navigate their troubling worlds. And I did so out of humility. Out of compassion for a very troubled, pervasive Human condition. A pervasive Human condition which has devolved from its true form. There was a master plan for Humanity which was side stepped when Humanity created two distinct distractions. Humanity constructed two masters: Time and Money.

These two masters have been invented. Invented by men to put a value on Human Life. human3In the Divine Expression of Humanity, there is equality. We’re all cut from the same cloth. But greed and only greed has detoured us from the Divine Expression. We’ve been devalued. Time, a horrible construct has caused Humanity to be enslaved. And money? Money is now the ugliest form of servitude. I challenge everyone to argue this point: “What freedom in life do you really have when others place time and money ahead of any other?”

I have been blessed with Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not, I repeat, is not a romantic ideal. It is nakedness. Yes, I feel a very distinctive comfort. But I also feel Humanity’s pain and suffering, and sometimes it can be so painful that I’d gladly exchange this Enlightenment to simply escape. But I cannot. The die has been cast.

Prior to my Spiritual Transformation, Wisdom told me through meditation, that I would eventually land upon a fire in my soul. This fire would provide all the questions and allhuman4 the answers to the Human condition: Life, Peace, Truth, Courage, Clarity, and Humility. And, it asked, did I know what I’d achieve when I received all the questions and all the answers? I didn’t. It would be Peace.

And so I have been charged to communicate the tenets of the Human Expression to as many people as I can. To assist them in righting the wrongs. To assure every person that there is a grander plan. To shed light on a darkened world. And too, above all else, continue to absorb the pain and suffering of mankind. Not to better my Self, but to provide an avenue of light.