I allowed myself to 
Trust others who knew
Knowing isn’t always better
For those who know
Don’t usually always understand
The mind is wicked
Corrupted tarnished and acidic
It twists things into
Unrecognizable reality it seduces
Like sirens promising better
But like rabbits promises
Elude they duck and
Dodge and scurry dropping
Out of sight leaving
The one chasing to
Wonder where’d it go
When in the wood
Stop chasing when in
The wood breathe when
You finally find yourself
In the wood remember
What was it that
You were chasing and
Then find it yourself
Stop chasing the rabbits

6 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. Or “you” could realize the rabbit you chased actually led you to a natural place you could breathe and you ended up ok alone and found you could trust yourself which would inevitably help you stop chasing trust and start building it. How about that? Hey there Harlan. 🖖🏻😊


        1. Poetry to me is a snapshot. A moment captured. A thought. A reflection. Just one of many otherwise missed. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.


        2. This one is a great snapshot. within the chase of your own poem there is a solution. It’s inside you all along. And you can breathe. So the poet and reader both breathe. Especially after running… how to catch your breath. Very good poem. ❤️

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