Mental Illness: Metaphorically Speaking

It’s like a rain delay during the sixth inning of the seventh game of the World Series

It’s like everyone else forgot your birthday;

It’s like dining alone in, what was, your favorite restaurant;

It’s like all your clothes turned into varying shades of gray;

It’s like, who cares?

It’s like, I Want My Life Back!

It’s like a clogged drain.

It’s like I never heard the punchline.

It’s like the weariness of a fourteen mile boot camp hike.

It’s like losing your sense of smell.

It’s like living senselessly.

It’s like being stood up in a crowded restaurant without your wallet/purse.

It’s like sunny days, wagging tails, and giggles from children are intolerable annoyances.

It’s like being unhappy for so long you’ve forgotten what happiness was.

It’s like your friends don’t call as often.

It’s like vanilla, just vanilla, only vanilla, vanilla.

It’s like time’s hands got tired, quit, and moved to Florida.

It’s like there used to be normal, but now there’s this new normal which isn’t better or improved; the new normal is the generic of normal.

It’s like that dull ache of heartbreak.

It’s like the Dead Sea (lowest), Antarctica (coldest), and Macquarie, AU (cloudiest).

It’s like this every day.


4 thoughts on “Mental Illness: Metaphorically Speaking

  1. TM, I am so tired and wonder why exist. There is little keeping me on this planet. I wish it was all over. SB


  2. It’s like that… until it wildly isn’t!! It’s pop rocks!! It’s 31 flavours!! Nay, 331 flavours!! It’s a long run on a warm rainy day (only applicable if you enjoy running in the rain)!! It’s I-Can-FLY!! It’s giggles for no reason for an hour!! It’s your favorite movie on tv!! It’s your birthday (only applicable if it actually ISN’T your birthday)!!

    But the worst part is standing where this post stands and remembering how wonderful it WAS, and feeling like it was all a dream. Was that me? Did I feel that beautiful? No. This must be reality. Because it really does feel real.


    1. Anna, thanks for your comment. In keeping with the rhetorical nature of the post, it’s my experience that mania is like a triple exclamation point (!!!) and melancholia is like the unending ellipse (. . .)


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