Loving Men-Inspiration

People ask, “Do places inspire you?”

I answer, “No. Everything inspires me.”

cardinalThe snow which fell in Charlotte inspired me. Children of the south celebrating a snow day and running sleds down the lowest of hills inspire me. Cardinals and wrens landing on pine boughs covered with light snow causing a puff beneath their feet.

These are the things which inspire me.

The bright sunshine which irradiates the freshly fallen snow, then warms the trees and bushes and sidewalks and streets thus melting the snow from the inside out, making it disappear like magicians.

These are the things which inspire me.

It’s usually things I don’t see or haven’t heard or failed to taste that inspire me, especially when I’ve gotten around to seeing or hearing or tasting them.

Yesterday’s snow and today’s thaw has inspired me. snowfall

Beauty inspires me. Simple, quiet beauty inspires me.