And once upon

A time there

Was a great

Oak tree mighty

And strong with

A canopy so

Large that it

Gave shadow to

A 200 head

Herd every afternoon

And in its

Thicket of leaves

One could hear

Delicate giggles as

The early Autumn

Wind blew there

Prompting the browning

Leaves to jump

Like children atop

Wooden sleds landing

Down below or

Even far away

As Winters first

Snow danced like

Drunken revelers swirling

And teasing there

Remained one last

Leaf above clinging

To its branch

Thinking that it

Had been forgotten

When in truth

All it was

Was different and

Being different is

By far the

Loneliest thing in

The world when

Viewed by others

When in fact

Being that one

Last leaf alone

Gave it a

Freedom to be

Itself uniquely strong

Being different requires

That much strength

To hold on