Loving Men-White Lies

There is no such thing as a white lie.

Why do we perpetuate the lie that a white lie is any less devastating than a gray lie or a dishonestyblack lie? And just what is a white lie anyway? Is it a menial lie? An itsy-bitsy lie? Why do we even parse lies? A lie is a lie. Whether it’s as small as an amoeba or as large as an elephant.

I have spent the entire day trying to bring my scattered thoughts together. But it’s been as impossible as herding cats. Or better, my thoughts are scattered around the solar system like space junk.

I often try to write about something that impacted me that day. Sure, I’ve had impacts today, four of them to be exact. Four great telephone conversations with four different men: Two in Charlotte, one in Chicago, and one in Buenos Aires.

I guess the most troubling realization I gleaned from these conversations was how desperately men want truthfulness. All the men I talked with agreed on the same thing: Men lie.


What do we think we gain by lying? All lying does is perpetuate an illusion. We lie because we don’t want to admit collusion. We’re afraid of reprisal, of denial, of persecution. So we lie.

If everyone spent just one day being truthful, don’t you think that the many, many, many problems our world faces might be actually be solved?

When you speak the truth you will achieve clarity, humility, courage, life, and peace.

What a wonderful world that will be.