I Remember (guest poem by Romeo C. – IG @_romeoji)

I’ve been finding you through every single thing I come across.

My skin tingles in the middle of the night because it remembers the way your arms snaked around my waist, limbs entangled in a warm, romantic mess. The weight of your body pressed against mine, snuggled under a blanket of I-love-yous, of course with the constant interruption of my unruly hair tickles your soft cheeks.

The nape of my neck remembers your hot breath and I still laugh instinctively when my ears remember your snores that to me, sounded like a melody unique to you. It fit you.

The edges of my lips that remember yours – cracked and thin pressed lift instinctively when my eyes remember when they first met yours – warm, brown like milk chocolate and oh so comfortable like the blankets on your bed I had never wanted to escape.

Your voice, it brings a pang to my heart. I loved your laugh, I love your laugh – the words that made me fall for you, their vibrations still etched on my heart bleeding as if carved there yesterday:

“I feel like I can put effort into you”

“You’re my life”

“I never want to leave you”

“I love you”

I smile and say I’m okay.

I scoff when I read that you’ve missed me

but deep inside I want to reply that I’ve missed you so much too and wouldn’t hesitate to burn to ashes in your embrace again.