Loving Men-Having It

When you look for It you’ll never find It.

There are many things that I’ve looked for in my life: Success, fame, love, etc. Some of these I’ve achieved but alas, they are all fleeting. They slip through my fingers like sand or oil.

I’ve learned that looking for these things, especially It, is a futile endeavor. These things are assigned or given by others.

Rodrigo and I have It; I know you know what It is. It’s not love alone. It is comfort, security, compassion, trust, courage, and humility. We discovered it naturally, slowly, through an ongoing friendship.

We’ve talked about Having It when we suddenly realized we had It. It was a surprise when we finally realized that our friendship had finally evolved into It.

When I stopped looking for It, It appeared.

So maybe, just maybe, if we stop looking for It, or success or fame, and maybe these things will be given or discovered from another.

Discovering that Rodrigo and I have It gives to me a feeling of comfort. I hope that everyone has the beauty of discovering It with someone.

So, what did you think?

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