IceCream (to Bean)

Upon eating ice-cream

We lose taste

Within two minutes

Then it’s simply

Cold and smooth

Has this happened

To you with

These simple words

That I write

Have they suddenly

Just become cold

And smooth and

Always there expected

Or do they

Still dance tickling

You like fingers

Over your ribs

Or the seldom

Seen yet always

Ah’d shooting star

Or have they

Become another pair

Of worn shoes

Or the umbrella

Left for storms

Or the dusty

Out of tune

Instrument of yesterday

Tell me honey

Do these words

Still toll sweetly

From far off

Steeples reminding you

Of time gone-by

If not I

Shall keep writing

Not to you

But with you

In mind for

You my love

Are always here

On these pages

If nowhere else